Monday, 29 March 2010

Miss Cintia Part Two!

Finally...Spring is in the air and although tempertures could have been warmer, the weather co-operated for us to take some outdoor shots of Cintia. Luckily we had a coat close at hand between locations. And speaking of locations - this reminded me how much I adore Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park - especially now for photo opps! The scenery there really is just incredible. Cintia braved some pretty interesting poses (tree climbing in heels, hiking through moss and generally being pretty much obliging for any of my interesting ideas...) and I hope she agrees that the results were worth it!





Monday, 22 March 2010

Presenting Miss Cintia!

As much as I do ADORE photographing babies, toddlers and children - there is a certain amount of energy and mobility needed for that - both of which I am now lacking with only a few weeks left of this pregnancy. So, taking modelling photos of a willing participant who actually stayed in one place while I clicked away was a much appreciated change! So here is the gorgeous Cintia and I wish her all the best in her career! I look forward to continuing this session outdoors this weekend!




The rest of the gallery to follow shortly on my web...

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Adorable Dorrians!

"If you want to be loved by somebody who isn't already in your family, it doesn't hurt to be beautiful." (Jeanne, 8)
The Dorrian children were the funnest and funniest children to have in the studio - so full of energy and character - and Bronagh being the same age as Emma and Cathal the same age as Jack - they really reminded me of my two rascals!
Spunky...and I like spunky!
What beautiful brilliant green eyes...
Mum's love
What a cutie-pie...
The boys

Thank you Fiona and Jimmy - it was a pleasure and I hope to have the rest of the photos ready for you soon!

Friday, 12 March 2010

My Belly Pics - FINALLY!!!

I Am Not Alone
~ Author Unknown
Running errands and talking on the phone,
I am pleasantly reminded that I am not alone.
Little tiny hands a precious rounded knee
pushing and twisting that no one can see.
Oh sweet child kicking up your heels,
it is our little secret that only I can feel.
I look forward to your birth,
when I can kiss your skin,
but for now I will just smile,
As I feel you play within.

So, people keep asking for my belly pictures - yet I somehow never found the time. Well, as I was setting up the studio today for a shoot - I decided to take a few! It was a challenge - getting the lighting right, the camera settings, the focus, etc - many takes of running back and forth (not easy with the 8 month baby bump to contend with...) but I managed a few I'm happy with. I know I will be so thrilled I took these once the baby is born.



Friday, 5 March 2010

Mom is coming to town...

We are all so happy that my mom is flying over after the baby is born that I had to share it!!! I know how much the kids will enjoy having her here to visit and I certainly will! Plus, what a great opportunity to meet baby number 3...oh and maybe do some shopping...So, in light of that I wanted to share some recent photos of the kids for her and my dad to enjoy! They do grow so quick!
Jack not so much upset at Emma's kiss but at me for taking away his "dodi"
Since Emma saw the photos of Emer in the tutu, she has been at me to have her own tutu photoshoot - so here is our little model...
Not at all shy in front of the camera...
Can't wait to see you Mom! xoxox

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Spring is coming!!!

As I bloom it is nice to see the world around me blooming too!

Looking outside I see that the daffodils I painstakingly planted in the Autumn are fighting their way up and a few gorgeous fuscia buds are sprouting on my tree (no clue of flower, bush, tree names - I just know I like how they look when in bloom!) The sun has been shining, the birds have been chirping and the weather has begun to warm up. FINALLY...and I am more than ready for it! As are the children and everyone else around. Soon my maternity leave will begin and just in time for the SPRING! YEAH!!!

Just to add a little sunshine to your day...