Sunday, 17 April 2011

Double Trouble...Two birthdays - one party!

Life has been a bit crazy lately - between teaching, photos, the kids, John's Ironman training and work commitments (I think that's his name anyway.....) I find I barely get a minute to myself. I am not complaining - well not for the world to read - believe me, I do my fair share daily, but it does all take it's toll. This weekend was a busy one for us - we had the Ironman charity pub quiz on Friday (an update on this to follow in the next few days) and then the joint birthday party of our beautiful 5 year old Emma and our gorgeous 1 year old Ben! Didn't I just have these babies - what happened? There are days I am completely overwhelmed, exhausted, frusterated and worn out but I wouldn't change it for the world. I look at my three children and realize how lucky I am and how I couldn't imagine my life without them (but, I am willing to try it for week while I'm in Madrid over Easter - hey, we all deserve a break!)
Ben sporting his 1 year old comb-over...
Emma sporting her cheesiest grin!
Crawling everywhere-into everything
IMG_5637 copys
Baking the birthday cake (Jack sneaking a taste in the background)
Ben is certainly enjoying his first piece of chocolate cake
want some?
Same grin on the bouncy castle-so excited for her friends to arrive!
And Jack playing in Ben's ball pool-couldn't leave him out.