Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A cousin is a best friend for life

It really is special for me to have the opportunity to photograph family and friends and their children. Brady is one of my dearest friends and another of my closest cousins. We really have been through a lot together - and although we bonded throughout our lives, we were inseperable in high school (Mr. Feeney -"Hi Brady/Zoe" or "Hi Zoe/Brady" - obvioulsy didn't know us apart). We had so many fun memories from then - our buffet lunches in ent studies, sneaking out to visit other schools, A-Club (picture arm in air wave), pooling together our spice jars of parents' bizarre liquors, 2 accidents in one day, cottage fun and synchronized swim/jump competitions, and many, many more. Now we have children to expand our memories and I always look forward to my annual visits to the Boyle house - Brady you are such a sweet and wonderful person and I really am so lucky to have you in my life. 

Three beautiful girls-inside and out 20
What a stunner Kate is - and just look at thos amazing, piercing blue eyes! 4
Mya - brave girl after the motion sickness ordeal in the car... 7
This time with Hannah it was so easy! 11
 Brady and her girls - what beauties (Sean, you're one lucky guy) 23 

A sleeping baby - gorgeous

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