Sunday, 30 August 2009

O'Neills - bigger, more active - and more of them...

I took some photos of the adorable O'Neill twins several months ago. Now they are moving around and as gorgeous as ever! I was asked to take some photos of them with their cousins and grandparents as they were all together a few weekends ago. Here is a "snapshot" of some of the individual shots captured (wow, not easy keeping 7 under 7 in one spot for a group shot!)
Serious fabulous eyes Dara!
Another set of amazing eyes from Grace
Just loving Leo's hair - gorgeous!
A rally driver in the making Felix?
This shot puts a smile on my face - it is filled with such happiness!
These two girls were my helpers - they posed themselves showing great creativity and ingenuity. Do we have future models here?
Thanks O'Neills - the rest on my website soon!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The O'Riley Family - what a bunch!

Another very close friend of mine, Pauline and her family were over to have some photos taken of the whole gang...Under thunder, flashes of lightning and various rainshowers, we had to work quick. Not ideal (especially in terms of straightened hair!!!) But this group was super game and we came up with this:

And the lovely Stevensons...
Two just adorable children who really welcomed and shared their home, pool, food and toys with my two - thanks Liam and Brenna!
Love the stance Liam - RRROARRRR!!!
Two more gorgeous children...
Not at all impressed with photos in the rain...well done you four for sticking it out.10b

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Prokupek girls...

What a pleasure it was to visit with and take these photos of the beautiful (and oh so full of personality...) Prokupek girls! Lil and I were in Teachers College together and although we don't see each other as often as I'd like these days we can still natter on and giggle like it was just yesterday! Lil has two wonderful girls who Emma just adored playing with and is still waiting for her "sleepover" with them - next year! We had such a blast wandering and exploring through my parents' back fields - and I am thrilled with the results (well worth the barley cuts, splinters and muddy feet!) Great to see you girls - can't wait til next summer (or til you come visit us again in Belfast, Lil!)
Lovin' the pout Georgia (as she sneaks away with the bag of smarties!
Autumn and her "to-die-for" curls! Just a stunner...
Sisterly love - is it always that sweet Lil?
Gorgeous Prokupek girls - Lil, you're a star!
Fun in the barley fields...
I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass. ~ Maya Angelou

Sunday, 16 August 2009

A mountain of photos...

I well and truly have a mountain of photos to go through from my time in Canada. 6 photoshoots has left me with little time to even get a peek at the ones I took of my own's one I took when we were on our routinely walks around Cookstown. This time we were collecting stones - oh, the adventures you can have with toddlers where anything can be made into a game or an exploration!


Thursday, 13 August 2009

The beautiful "you should be in pictures" Sproules...

It was with absolute pleasure to have the chance to photograph my "bestest" friend in the world with her most gorgeous family ever. Jeannine and I have been buds since the start of University several (ok, many) years ago where we both met her now hubby, Daryl. Amazingly we both had gorgeous little girls the same year followed by adorable little baby brothers. Seeing our girls "joined-at-the-hip" this summer as Jeannine and I once were just melted my heart. (Though, I hope they don't get into the same mischief we once did - haha!) Soon enough, our boys will be the same and we will always look forward and treasure our limited, though special times together each summer. Thank you Sproule family for your valued friendship and love.







Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Summer adventures in photography!

Well, what an adventurous and exciting summer I am having. 5 weeks in glorious Canada. I laughed when people complained about the weather over there - it was beautiful - I live in Ireland, remember! But it was just fabulous to spend time with my family and friends and have my children get to know their Canadian relatives, friends and heritage. What will they remember most: my mother's dogs, their cousins and new little friends, oh and of course, the Canadian treats! Anyways, during this time, I was incredibly busy photographing families - my camera was in serious overdrive mode! So, I will post some "sneaky peekies" of them in the next few days, but the galleries may take a bit longer.

Here are the Platten family - Jacquie looking gorgeous as ever - you would never know they were just from camping...Scott and their two little cuties, Leah and Crosby. Same age as Emma and Jack, and just as busy!

Love this of Jacq and her babes...
Thank you Jacquie, Scott, Leah and Crosby - you were great and did well under the pressure of: camping, thunderstorms and an audience!