Saturday, 28 November 2009

McAree Monkeys!!!

Two little eyes
Discovering what's new
Two little hands
Touching everything in view
A sweet little voice
Asking you why
A mischievous smile
And a whimpering cry
Two little feet
Jumping on the floor
A toddler's mission
is to explore

Amy and Zoe were just that - but doubled!!! Four little hands wanting to explore. Emer and John certainly have their hands full (and another on the way!) But who would have it any other way! These two gorgeous girls were just sparkling with personality and although the timing perhaps may not have been ideal (before dinnertime) it is hard not to capture these girls as adorable and gorgeous as they are! Thank you Emer for coming round to the studio...
Love that little face of Zoe's (and pretty cool name too!)
Straight into the mouths!!!
There was no wrestling that phone off!!!
The rest to follow shortly on my website!!

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