Monday, 21 September 2009

Life is busy!

My two little monkeys just make me laugh and laugh. Emma honestly lives in a parallel world of musicals. Annie, Wizard of Oz and Sound of Music to be more specific (she's toying with Oliver, but doesn't have the patience to deal with the storyline). Her joy in life is to act out the scenes and pretend to be the characters. Right now her favourite is to be Gretle in S.ofM. and climb up the stairs backwards singing "So long, farewell...." And she's good! Broadway - just you wait! We're going to see Annie this week at the Opera House and convincing Emma she's not actually going to Annie's or Miss Hannigan's house is taking some doing. As I said - parallel world! But how uttelry adorable and innocent! And as for our Jack - his favourite thing right now is to say "I love you" but he gets angry if you don't respond straight away "I LOVE YOU!" Oh, and he ends every word in a plural, so it's actually "yous" (which could also be the northern ireland in him...) and the "s" has a lisp so its "th" - "youth" and "mummyth" "daddyth" "memmath" (emma), etc. Very cute. And though I do hope the lisp doesn't stay there for too long, it is adorable now. My cutie-patooties!

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