Sunday, 28 August 2011

Two little girls with curls

The knowingness of little girls hidden underneath their curls. ~ Phyllis Mcginley
And third time is a charm...This was the third consecutive summer to have the looooovely Prokupek girls as my models! Back in Cookstown, back playing in the fields (this year it was corn...) and back having loads of fun with Lil and her two gals Autumn and Georgia. And without fail with this gang - the photos rocked! They just know how to put on the right expression, be themselves and have a bit of fun. Which always makes a session great for me. Plus, doesn't it give me a great opportunity to meet up with one of my funnest, funniest and sexiest gal-pals! Lil - there is a room here in Belfast with your name on it and a few local drinks waiting for you to taste them! Don't keep me hanging!
Autumn, seriously you are one fabulous girl...
And Georgia - toooo cute for words!


I just LOVE the sisterly bond between these two. Magical...

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