Saturday, 25 June 2011

And another set of three gorgeous sisters

“It was the tiniest thing I ever decided to put my whole life into.”
--Terri Guillemets

Yes, another set of three sisters - the youngest only being a few months old and so tiny and amazing. As much as I believe my newborn days are over for good - seeing one does give me that instant reminder of how lovely it is having a newborn (then I remember the sleepless nights, the woes of pregnancy and the long-haul healing of a c-section...). SO, it is wonderful to have the opportunity to enjoy other people's newborns! Like the gorgeous Ellen - who took a bit to start gaining weight, but is now thriving!

She certainly looks peaceful now, but we also saw a lot of this...
And her two beautiful and doting big sisters enjoying a sisterly cuddle
I LOVE BABY AND TODDLER TOES!!! Must do this with my three, it's fab!

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