Thursday, 21 October 2010

Autumn is upon us...

The leaves are falling and turning beautiful colours all around - yet another time to miss Canada with all of its amazing Autumn colours...but luckily we have had a gorgeous Autumn this year and only this week has the temperture began to drop. I am really loving being home now and walking with the children to and from school each day. A time to chat and hunt for cool nature things (when I'm not in a rush and hurrying them along!)


So, this Autumn brought me another cool project involving some FABULOUS women and children's shoes. I LOVE SHOES - and I love photography- combine the two and it always amounts to great fun! Especially when I have such willing (well along with a bit of bribery) models...If you like these, be sure to drop in to SPLASH shoes on Bloomfield Avenue for more fabulous footwear!




Thanks Emma and Nicole - my lovely models...and Blandine for the opportunity to work with you again - already looking forward to our next project!

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