Monday, 27 July 2009

gorgeous friends, gorgeous children...

It's been a year since I was home in Canada. A year since I saw my family and friends. Not many changes in the "adult folk" - but I have been amazed by all of the children I have heard about all year, seen photos of and loved from afar. Not only are they just gorgeous - they truly are all amazing children. They have welcomed Emma and Jack into the homes, their hearts and most importantly - their toys! (They must care!) I have loved spending every minute with them and enjoyed watching the interactions between my children and their beloved overseas friends and relatives.
The wonderful cousins...
"Joined at the hips" - 2nd Generation...
A serious cutie-patootie...
The adoration Emma had for this amazing girl - and those EYES!!!
Jack's easy going, happy go lucky, tom boy buddy...
Again, lovin' the mommy-son lovin'!
Check out the eyes - one green, one blue - more to come of this little girl soon...
Like mother, like daughter - just stunning!
So, thank you to all of my wonderful family and amazing children for a fabulous Canadian holiday so far - and more to come!

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