Monday, 29 December 2008

A Tribute to MaryRose

December 21st 2008 was a very sad and tragic day. The world lost MaryRose Lundy, a wonderful, beautiful woman who was truly an inspiration. I was lucky to have MaryRose as my sister-in-law and friend. May she rest in peace and our love follow her up to heaven.

As a wise person said "MaryRose will certainly liven up heaven". We will love, miss and carry you in our hearts forever. xoxox


Unknown said...

Thank you for posting these pictures. We share your loss.

Gertrude Kennedy
Bill and Maureen, Mike, Rob Caldwell

Victoria B.C.

John McManus said...

What beautiful photos...and such a beautiful human being. I had the privilege of knowing Mary Rose and having her as a cousin-in-law. I was truly inspired by her warm nature and sense of humor.

She is very much missed.

John McManus

Ahvarahn said...

This has been on my mind constantly since I came across it two days ago. It is very shocking and distressing. I had lost touch with Mary Rose for several years; I was a lodger with her during the late 90’s. I am deeply saddened for all your family. I know it is small comfort but I want you to know Mary Rose, Ronan, her parents, Anne, John and Sarah, and all the family are in my thoughts. I’m so sorry.

You have a great eye, and I love what you capture. You’ve captured Mary Rose well. Always smiling. A truly unique person. One image keeps replaying for me lately, and it is one I saw often: She sneezes through a smile, looks cheerfully at me and says, “Bless me.”

Bless her indeed, take care,

Paul (Boston)

Martin, Nottingham said...

I was thinking of MaryRose recently - can't believe it's nearly 3 years.
I had the privilege of being her boyfriend for too short a time in London in the late '80s, and these pictures beautifully capture everything about her.
Rest in peace 'MR' x